Her (v2)

by Soarse Spoken

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Soarse Spoken always makes a resurgence with his music whenever he feels the need to utilize this creative outlet. On his latest single “Her (v2)”, the avant garde rapper explores heartbreak and touches on the healing process that is inevitable to survive at the end of any strained relationship. Love and Hip-Hop have always gone together, and this superbly Aches produced down-tempo banger is Soarse’s take on the subject. Download the free song and look out for the official video coming soon.


Verse 1:
I told her I would love her and then I left her in a room alone
I could fuck things up while being gone immune to all the music known
Sorry I'm an asshole I only know
How to provide myself
My pops left at an early age
I never learned how to survive my hell
Treat her right
Need her type
Beat her like the speakers might
Give her knowledge, eat her out
Don't be afraid she'll cheat around
If you got her then you got her ain't no way that she could see that rout
Take her to the mountain top make her someone you could speak about
Cause she's a beauty yeah
That mountain top there won't compare
And everything she's ever done was simply proof that she's a prayer
In disguise so I just lied and treated her like common folk
Knowing she was far from that
That's why my heart is kinda broke
and I spit this kind of dope
To let her know that I kind of hope
She'll be back one day for now I'm in this ship just trying to float
I packed my shit I'm trying to go
a different place while trying to cope
I'm miserable I miss her face
I'm laying here just dying to know

Verse 2:
Pretty dark summer when she left me all alone
July was brutal man it won't affect me write a poem
Tell the world I loved her and I left and I was wrong
And the day I let it go I'm gonna be a box of bones
I chose to land in Venus when Martians all I know
My heart was filled with arson
Let the harps sing call my hoe
I won't be coming home tonight I found someone to hold
And she believes in me
I gotta let somebody go


released 20 April 2015
Lyrics by Soarse Spoken
Produced by Aches




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